3 Mistakes to Avoid in Powersports Marketing Automation [Thanks to Automotive]

Marketing Automation

You've recently started online marketing automation in your Powersports dealership. And it probably seems like you should be getting more results from your website by now. The automotive industry has been advancing marketing processes for years now and, they make it look so easy, right?

But Powersports isn’t exactly like automotive.

If you’re getting tripped up and not generating leads online as you expected - pay attention here. We've been watching Dealers in the automotive industry (heck..we've even helped them and built the systems they use!) and have learned a little from their/our mistakes. Here's exactly what you should avoid with marketing automation.


It used to be that a BDC (Business Development Center) was the standard way to process sales and marketing efforts. And many dealerships still depend on them. From a logical standpoint, having multiple people making phone calls may feel like you’re putting your best effort into generating leads.

Unfortunately, it turns out that’s wrong. You should be using an application that can integrate all of the lead information from your website, email campaigns, SMS marketing, and CRM (Customer Relationship Manager), as well as information from your inventory. Because the truth is that it's impossible to integrate all of this information manually.

At the end of the day, your salespeople should only be calling on the hottest leads -- and you’ll know which ones they are if you have an integrated marketing system.

Too many dealerships (and other businesses) are failing in the sales follow-up. In fact, an average of 43% of companies fail to respond to qualified leads. The leads that don’t get a response are the ones that are going to slip through your fingers. You've just lost that sale.


Question: How soon are you likely to notice if your wallet is missing? It could be hours or even a full day before you miss it.

Next question: How soon are you likely to notice if your mobile phone is missing? Probably within the hour, right?

People have their phones on them all day, and in a time where inboxes get full and many messages go unread, text follow-ups can be the difference in whether you close a sale.


1-to-1 marketing automation means that every single lead that interacts with your dealership gets a response. Period. There is simply no way a BDC can keep up with calling or emailing every lead that browses your online inventory or clicks through one of your email links.

But a marketing automation platform built for Powersports can. Studies show that 5 minutes after a lead shows interest by interacting with your brand is the crucial time period for making contact. The only way to capture these leads at the exact right time is with 1-to-1 marketing automation.

Don’t miss out on those leads. Download our free guide to Powersports marketing automation for more detailed advice.