The 5 Best Powersports Sales Tools for 2020

Dealerships are changing the way they do business and not for their own sake. The customer is now demanding a more convenient experience, and thanks to many car dealers and powersports brands taking their products online, that convenience is not difficult to come by. Even its upgrading your Powersports Sales Tools.

The future of the powersports industry is in the customer experience, so you need to start thinking about new ways to capitalize on that for the sake of your sales. Fortunately, that’s easy to do when you invest in the best powersports sales tools for 2020. Here’s what you need to know.

What Sales Tools Should Do

There are any number of goals beyond just sales that you can set for your powersports sales tools and many metrics that you can use to measure their progress. Ultimately, however, the right sales tools should provide benefits like:

  • Making hiring, training, and sales team management simpler
  • More accessible and actionable data
  • Easy integrations
  • Enhanced productivity and automation of repeated tasks
  • Access to key metrics, including close rates and lead gen statistics

Sales tools should make things simpler, not more complicated. If your tools are making things difficult or creating a lot of extra steps, they’re not the best tools that you could be using. Here are some of the ones you should try instead.

The Top 5 Sales Tools

  1. CRM Software: In today’s sales industry, the biggest influence on sales conversions is usually the customer experience. People can go anywhere to buy anything. They can’t go just anywhere to get the best customer experience. Make this a sales tool for your team and watch the numbers soar.
  2. Social Media: As a part of building strong relationships and increasing your brand authority, social media can be an integral part of a successful sales and marketing strategy. You can post actual sales-related content, including new arrivals and exclusive deals, but most of your social posts should revolve around building relationships and increasing brand authority.
  3. Analytics Programs: Just as you can’t generate sales without a strong customer base, you certainly can’t make improvements and figure out where the sales team is losing the customer unless you know the numbers behind everything. With the right reporting software, your sales strategies will be easy to tweak for the best results as data becomes available including from your website too.
  4. Automation Tools: Your sales team should be focused on customers and sales at all times. If they are busy handling tedious paperwork and other tasks, it can eat up a lot of their valuable time. Therefore, process automation tools and software can be considered one of your best sales tools because they will free up your team’s time and put their focus back on the customer.
  5. Integration Software: There are a growing number of integration tools that allow you to share all customer information across your various apps and platforms, including CRM, marketing automation, and even e-commerce apps. Automated data sharing means there is one less thing detracting from your sales team’s focus on the customer.


As you can see, the best sales tools for the powersports industry have very little to do with sales. It's all about giving your team the resources they need to be more productive and create the environment that today’s customer demands.

Making sure keep up with your Inventory Management as well that is integrated within the tools listed out above.