The Biggest Differences Between Internet Sales and Floor Sales at Your Powersports Dealership

Knowing the difference is HUGE! 

As more people search for the things that they want and need to buy online, more companies are bringing their business to the virtual arena. Understanding how internet sales are different than traditional floor Powersports sales is going to make a big difference in your overall success in training a sales team that gets results. Above all else, you have to know that the Internet and floor sales are very different, but they can be interwoven to create a dynamic sales team that is with the customer from start to finish.

The Differences!

Internet customers want convenience. They want simple transactions that give them the purchase that they desire. They want information, and lots of it, and they want to know that it’s transparent and from someone that they can trust. This isn’t that different from the traditional walk-in customer, except that they are much more hurried and not interested in taking the time to build a relationship along the way. They just want to get what they need and get back to their life.

Most people who walk into a dealership, even if they don’t truly want a relationship, expect to spend some time building one. It's a part of social interaction, after all, and it’s what makes the dealership experience for a lot of people. It's a customer experience, after all, not a customer transaction. While the Internet does offer the same type of atmosphere where you can create an experience, the focus is far more transaction-based than it would be in person.


Today's consumer is adamant. They are educated and they know that there is a lot of competition out there. They have access to the world’s worth of Powersports sales equipment, as long as they can get it shipped to their location. They need more reasons than ever to work with your dealership and by addressing the fact that the Internet and floor sales are different, and finding a way to bring them together, you will give customers the perfect reason to stick around.


No More Selling! Just Buying!

The biggest difference between the online customer is that they aren’t here to be sold anything. The Powersports sales pitches don’t work and they aren’t interested in learning more about this or that. If they came for something specific, that’s what they want. If they want information, they’ll ask. If they need more assistance, they will ask. Otherwise, let them shop and they will let you know when they need you. Although there are exceptions, this is the general rule that seems to be followed by online customers.

By understanding where your customers come from, including what their intentions are and why they chose to shop online, you will be able to provide them with a more dynamic buying experience and get the sales that you are looking for. The best thing that you can do is figure out what people want from your Internet sales team and deliver it, as quickly and as effectively as possible.