Internet vs. Floor Sales: The Difference in Your Powersports Sales Transactions

online powersports transactions

Know the difference & be ready! 

Many people will tell you that Internet Powersports transactions sale are a totally different arena than traditional dealership floor sales, but they might not be able to tell you exactly how. For starters, no one is walking into a dealership, looking at physical products, and then striking a deal with the sales team. With online sales, people typically come in search of a particular item or vehicle that they want or need, and the best possible price on it. They don’t have the time or energy to deal with building a relationship and working out a deal. They just want to buy something.

People who shop online are doing it because it’s easy and convenient. It takes the pressure off of dealing with a sales pitch and lets people basically pick their own pricing when they’re shopping for new Powersports equipment and vehicles. Face-to-face interactions are confrontational for some people, and others just don’t have the time or energy to deal with going to a dealership and looking for what they want.

Get to the Point!

While your floor sales team should be building relationships and making friends in order to make sales, your Internet team needs to be focused on giving people what they want and need. If people are asking questions online, they want answers. They don’t want a story. They just want to know what they want to know. Make sure that your online sales team is prepared to be direct and give people exactly what they want. The rest will come through.

While a walk-in customer might want to stroll around and see what you’ve got, online customers are typically on a mission. They don’t want the razzle and the dazzle. They want to know what you offer, and if you have what they want. There might be the occasional browser in the online world, but even then, they’re going to want instant answers and a lot of attention if you want to keep them around. People have short attention spans, and especially when they’re on a website. It's up to your sales team to get their attention fast and keep it while pushing towards the Powersports transactions online.


online powersports transactions

Train and Cross-Train Teams!

Today's online customer wants convenience. They also want to know they’re getting the best deal. By having your team properly trained to cater to these needs, it will be much easier for you to get results. Of course, the best result will generally come from combining the best efforts of your Internet and floor sales teams. After all, most customers are going to want to come in and test out whatever they’re buying before they commit to the sale. Use this time to bridge the gap between the Internet and physical sales.

Traditionally, an online sales team will lure in the customer and bring them to the dealership, then depositing them and advising them to speak to another sales team member from the floor sales team. This disconnection immediately severs the customer relationship that has been built and makes people feel like they’re being shuffled through an assembly line. By creating a space where your two sales teams work together, you’ll make a seamless transition and a better experience for all customers, no matter where they find you.