Review: Lectric XP 3.0

This fat-tire foldable electric bike is more refined than before and still an affordable (if heavy) way to get around town.

I rode the original Lectric XP electric bike for six months during the pandemic in 2020. It was a salve, a way to feel the breeze on my face during quarantine and go farther than usual without hopping on public transportation. I have a bit of a soft spot for it. Lectric's aim was to deliver a foldable, powerful fat-tire ebike for under $1,000, and this is still true with version 3.0 of the XP three years later.

I've seen more Lectric ebikes here in New York City than I can count. I get it—the Lectric XP is one of the most affordable foldable ebikes, and it comes with a lot of extras. I'd still never buy it myself—I live in a walk-up and don't want to deal with such a heavy, bulky thing. That doesn't mean I don't appreciate this chunky vehicle. In the third iteration, Lectric has made some small but nice tweaks to the formula, resulting in a more refined and functional fat-tire ebike that's still fun to ride.

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