Reasons Your Team Will Get Psyched About New Sales Strategies

blog sales strategy

blog sales strategyEven when change means progress, people tend to be naturally averse to switching things up. So while you are pushing to embrace new strategies, your team may be asking, “Why fix what isn’t broken?”

Whether or not current sales strategies are, indeed, broken is debatable. But one way you can bring your team around to your side is to show them how new strategies can make things easier for them. Rather than resisting these changes, you will see them getting excited about embracing something new.

Read on for some great reasons your team will want to adopt new sales strategies as a positive change.


CRMs are evolving

If any of your team members have past experience with customer relationship management solutions (CRMs), there is a good chance those experiences were not positive. Older CRMs were sometimes used to track salesperson behaviors and got them in trouble rather than to pinpoint ways they could tailor their approach to get better results.

Newer applications aren’t about seeing if the salesperson passes a test; they are about helping them continuously improve and secure better results.

Each team member remains unique

Salespeople who take pride in what they do always put a personal touch on their service. For many, their personality is central to securing sales. And that makes it understandable that your team might be worried about CRMs encouraging too much uniformity in their sales strategies.

In the end, CRMs are just a tool that your team can use to increase leads and sales. They won’t force everyone to act and speak the same, and they won’t make a poor salesperson into a great one. Automation will not turn everyone into robots. You still need to have an amazing team.

Technology is interpreted as competency

When smartphones were new to the market, using them at work was viewed as unprofessional. Certainly, pulling them out while on the sales floor was not viewed as acceptable. But now, using your cell phone in any situation feels quite natural and it serves to bond you and the customer, rather than alienate them.

In fact, not using technology can make a member of your team come off as a dinosaur to potential clients, negatively impacting their results. Roughly 77 percent of Americans use smartphones, making it feel odd if your team does not.

CRMs free up time

A major benefit for your team is that CRMs streamline the sales process. There is a specific and duplicatable set of steps to which they are guided each time they work with a potential client, all automated and routine, allowing for them to be completed quickly.

This means that the administrative end of things takes up minimal time and effort. Your team is then free to use their unique sales skills in direct interaction with customers.

The team is always active and ready for sales

After a sale is made, your team should be itching to make the next one! The problem is that administrative tasks often lock them to their desks as they fill out forms and use their desktops to update items in the system.

With CRMs, there is no need to head back to their desk; they can easily complete all tasks using their phones right there on the sales floor. This means that as new customers come in, your team is up, active, and ready to assist them.

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