The Secret Art of Successful Business Websites in Powersports and Recreational Vehicle Retail

Art of Powersports Website

Art of Powersports WebsiteOne of the biggest complaints that local retail businesses have regarding their marketing budget, is the cost of their website.

Business-savvy Powersports retailers are well aware of the importance of keeping up with the times, but often, the cost of a website is difficult to justify.

That is because, in addition to being an expensive marketing asset, websites often seem to provide very little for a business when it comes to generating leads or closing deals. In fact, your website can be a very powerful tool for you when it comes to driving sales, and a few tricks-of-the-trade from a seasoned expert may be all you need to know to get that ball rolling!



1. SEO is KING!

This cannot be understated. Simply put, a Powersports website that does
not rank well on Google search is about as useful as a motorcycle without wheels.

Luckily, PSXDigital's +Websites include game-changing tools for boosting your SEO with customer-driven insights. That means that your dealership will not only rank high on Google - the platform will also help you find the most valuable, relevant customers that are specific to your business!

2. Always use Google Analytics.

Google Analytics are completely free to use, although they can be difficult to interpret if you don’t have a marketing expert on staff. However, when it comes to analyzing how effective your website is - there is nothing more useful than Google Analytics.

3. Content is key!

You will hear this term a lot when it comes to improving your SEO. It
means that without blog posts, and a lot of information on your website,
you’re unlikely to show up in many search rankings. Even though content is important, using keywords (which are basically nouns that best describe your business, location, and the products you sell) is much more important than having a lot of content.

A marketing expert can help you identify which keywords will be the most valuable for you, and will help your business stand out. You should then aim to use your top 15 keywords at least 40 times each on your website.

4. A service like SERPstat will help you count your keywords.

This is a useful service that is affordably priced (or free!), although it
can be pretty slow at loading. An online website like SERPstat will tell you which keywords you’re currently ranking for, and how many keywords you have. It will also show you how many your competitors have so you can see compare how you measure up.

5. Invite customers to join your mailing list.

The best online advertising asset you can have is a mailing list. Time and
time again, research shows that e-mail marketing campaigns are one of
the most effective methods of online marketing. By using your website to gather e-mails, you can build your customer outreach!

The best way to encourage your visitors to enter their e-mail is by offering them a pop-up deal on your website. Make sure your web designer knows to put a 5-10 second delay on the popup so you don’t chase away potential customers by being too aggressive.

6. Ask your customers to participate in a quiz.

You can hire a web designer to build a professional-looking quiz, or you can use a service like Playbuzz. Playbuzz will help you to create your own quizzes and polls which you can then use to interact with your customers. The longer customers stay on your website, the better it is for your search engine rankings, so interactive features like quizzes can really give you a boost!

Design your quizzes around finding out what your customers are looking to get out of your business. You might ask them what hobbies they have, what size vehicle they are looking for, and whether they would be willing to pay for a higher horsepower even if they might end up paying slightly more.

For extra credit, hire an expert who can design a quiz that will send you the customer’s answers and store their e-mail address in your mailing list. You would then be able to use the information from your customer’s quiz to then contact them about the products you have in stock.

7. Speed, Speed, Speed!

A slow-loading website is a serious concern. Your loading speed is one of the most important concerns when it comes to whether or not a customer will choose to stay on your website. Most will leave in less than two seconds if they feel a website is loading slowly.

Image size is one of the number one reasons websites are slow. Large, high-quality images take a while to load. Images that you’ve uploaded to your website's storage area will slow down your site, even if you’re not even using them yet! Keep your website’s files well-organized, and make sure that everything you’re storing on the back-end is being used.

8. Tell them what’s new

Keeping your customers up to date on what’s happening in the news can be a pretty cost-effective way of giving your SEO huge boosts and
attracting brand new customers. Simply write small 500 word blog posts
that briefly report on topics that are popular in the news - like races.

One great way to find topics that are currently trending is to use the free tool Google Trends. Simply search various keywords relating to your business, and Google will show you which key terms and phrases are
being frequently searched right now. You can also search your favorite news website for new articles relating to your business.

9. A picture (really is) worth a thousand words!

Except in SEO. When it comes to SEO, a great quality and unique photograph can be worth more than 3,000 words. Countless studies suggest that website visitors are far more likely to read blog posts with pictures on them. Also, including pictures in your website gives you the added advantage of being able to rank well on Google images - which is often used for searching vehicles, and is growing in popularity.

10. If a picture is worth a thousand words, the worth of a video is priceless

Video content is the #1 top-performing content for websites and social
media platforms. Although they can be expensive to produce, videos are a huge asset for generating leads and driving sales.

Consider putting a video on your home page that describes your business, what you offer, but be sure to relate on a personal level with your customer. Videos can be an amazing tool for helping your customers to trust your business.