The 2023 Zero SR/F Proves The EV Transition Is Faster On Two-Wheels

We put the new Zero SR/F through its paces in Austin, Texas, and it showed us just how much electric motorcycles have matured.

The same weekend that the Motorcycles — with uppercase “M,” per Plato’s idealism — took over Austin, I finally went on my maiden voyage aboard an EV. I should say astride rather than aboard, as it just so happens that when MotoGP and the Handbuilt Show converged on the Texas capital, I went for a long ride on a 2023 Zero SR/F, making it the first EV I’ve operated on public roads.

Full Disclosure: Zero invited me for a test ride out to the Texas Hill Country. The EV company paid for my hotel and a hearty breakfast the next morning. When both this rider and the EV motorcycle Zero lent me were fully charged, my riding partner and I took off to enjoy some of the twisties outside of Austin.

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