The Customer Experience

The Leading Role

The leading role in this (and every) story is the customer experience. Today’s customers know what they want and they’re willing to be more flexible and open to the ways they get those wants fulfilled. People are now demanding companies to offer chats and text messaging as a means of communication to deliver a seamless customer experience that works in their favor.


People will pay more if the experience is better. We live in a world where we don’t have to wait for anything. We can get whatever we need, when we need it, which creates an expectation with consumers for every company. That expectation comes with money, so it’s important to ensure that you’re delivering the customer experience that keeps your customers coming back and makes them feel like they’re getting the best possible experience.


If your business isn’t even thinking about that, you’re going to miss out on a ton of opportunities. Take Amazon, for one example. Amazon lost money for a lot of years, trying to be an online product reseller that dabbled in a little bit of everything. The money kept dwindling, right up until they started offering same-day and next-day delivery. That transition skyrocketed the company to where it is today. Essentially, when Amazon made the realization that it’s a logistics company, not a product company, that’s when it became the giant that it is today.

How Do I Want to Sell This?

Dealers today must do the same thing. Figure out how your customers want to buy. Then, you must deliver that, including the ideal experience that they demand. Instead of thinking “how do I want to sell this?” you’re asking how they want to purchase the item. That will give you much more clarity and ensure that the customer experience is spot-on.


Are there Enough People?

Are there enough people? Does your dealership have all the best resources? Are you capturing every call, every inbound email, every request that comes your way? Until you can do this in one single location, you’re not utilizing the resources given effectively. On that note, let’s discuss the power of CRM software, one of your greatest resources as a dealer.


CRM software is one of the many tools that is helping dealers today give their customers a better buying experience. This is, ideally, the location where you will be able to keep all your information organized. These systems are going to aggregate everything for you and take a lot of the tedious work off your hands – IF you have a solution that helps with the hard lifting. They’ll also show you where you are dropping the ball or where you could make better conversions.


75 percent of conversations happen outside of the system, so dealers don’t often realize they are missing opportunities. You’re probably wondering why it matters to have a good CRM if more of the conversations are happening outside of it. After all, why not focus on where the conversations are happening and take advantage of that?


It’s not just that you have digital tools to help you now. There’s a lot more to it than that. It’s about taking the time to find the right technology solution that fit the needs of your dealership. There’s so much more to it than just communicating with the customer—it’s about taking your business to the next level. There are different options for powersports dealers when it comes to the CRM, and they want to be able to account for all their leads, so it requires some work to find the right solution. The solution is the tool. The process still needs buy-in and adoption by your dealership staff and management.