This Old Half-Track Volkswagen Bus Looks Like a Tank, Was Actually for Skiers

A German inventor’s vintage half-track-converted bus is a slow but highly interesting off-roader.

Dubbed the "Fox," this safety orange half-track started life as a run-of-the-mill Type 2 before Austrian inventor Kurt Kretzner got his hands on it in the mid '60s. Seeking a way to reliably get skiers, tradespeople, and waitstaff up into Austrian mountain resorts, Kretzner added two extra axles to the bus. The front two are steering axles, each fit with a limited-slip differential and dual-wheels, while the two rear axles feature 13-inch tires wrapped in aluminum and rubber tracks of Kretzner's own design. Like conventional four-wheeled Buses, the sole drive wheels on the half-track are the rears.

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