Turning Your Data into Real Sales: A Quick Guide

Blog Data to Sales

Blog Data to SalesUsing Inventory Management software for Powersports to drive sales and generate leads

Businesses have been using sales-generating, and inventory management software for a while now. Many CRM softwares, aka “Customer Relationship Management” claim they can be used to manage inventory. CXM software, also known as “Customer Experience Management” is used to track data on customers to help businesses interact with their customers with a personal touch.

What's the Difference...Really?

CRM comes after the experience. CXM works hard to anticipate it!

In other words, CRM focuses on facilitating your relationship with customers while CXM works through the customer's viewpoint to assess the quality of their experience. A CRM platform is an important investment since it keeps track of crucial data for your inbound marketing and sales efforts and analyzing customer behavior.

The PSX CXMAi platform includes a CRM!

Within a proprietary platform built exclusively with Powersports dealerships in mind, our core products include: CRMInventory ManagementWebsites, and Marketing Automation.

Although there exists  DMS software (dealer management software) as an excellent way to organize stock, most DMS software is either too specialized to offer all of the features a business requires, or too generalized to cater specifically to the needs of a Powersports business. 

Retail industries across the board have been using these tools for years now, and the automotive, Powersports, and motorsports industries are no exceptions.

Efficiency is critical in the Powersports business. The speed and accuracy at which your sales team operates is the key factor in determining how many deals you can close in a day. Moreover, the software offers us an added advantage that humans aren’t capable of providing: it can analyze large amounts of data and produce useful conclusions! 

By using a fully-integrated, all-in-one software that is specific to the Powersports industry, you will be able to increase your efficiency, analyze your data, manage your inventory, boost your marketing, generate more leads, and close more deals! That may sound complicated, but the process is quite easy.

These steps will describe your journey as you integrate PSXDigital into your business. 

Step 1 : Using PSXDigital to Manage your Inventory

It all starts with turning inventory management into an asset instead of an expense! 

Traditionally speaking, inventory management has always been a costly, time-consuming aspect of running any business. With PSXDigital, managing your inventory is fast and easy. Changing and updating your inventory is as simple as clicking a button. What is even more impressive, however, is the fact that your inventory will become a powerful tool for rating the popularity of products, offering deals and incentives, keeping your sales force up-to-date on recent changes, and more!

Here are just a few of the features you can look forward to when you use our inventory management suite of products

  • Make your inventory searchable
  • Update your inventory easily
  • Sort your inventory using filters, like top-selling products
  • Store photos of your inventory (For more information click this article)
  • Make your inventory accessible from various devices
  • Secure backups of your inventory 


Step 2 : View customer data generated by PSXDigital’s ever-growing artificial intelligence 

What are Powersports customers interested in?

You’ll be able to see which products your customers love the most, and your dedicated sales team will be able to keep track of an individual customer’s wants and needs. Did a customer express interest in a pre-owned motorcycle? Maybe they were looking to buy a brand new boat, but only if it had a flying-bridge! Don’t ask again next time. Know!

Have they done business with you before?

Don’t treat your loyal, returning customer like a stranger! Reward brand loyalty with a personal touch. Ask them if they were satisfied with the smooth operation and sheer power of the Polaris Ranger they purchased a year ago! A little bit of personalization goes a long way. 

Know even more about your customers! 

Keep track of data from your conversations. Ask how the kids are doing! Send your customers exclusive offers with a signed card on their birthday! Document your customer’s hobbies, vacation habits, and lifestyle, and find data on which products interest them the most! Trust is everything in Powersports sales, and nothing says “trust me” more than a genuine professional customer relationship! 


Step 3 : Automate busy-work to maximize your sales force efficiency 

There are so many ways that you can use PSXDigital to make your business run more smoothly and efficiently. Aside from facilitating your organization and helping you to manage your marketing materials and your inventory, PSXDigital sends lead suggestions to your sales team, tracks and interprets your customers’ behaviors, and delivers incredibly valuable insights!

Here are examples of what PSXDigital can do to automate your Powersports business : 

  • Manage new, used, and aging inventory
  • Automate prices, bulk pricing, and multiple discounts
  • Generate data-driven SEO based on customer information
  • Suggest follow-up opportunities for your sales team

and so much more!


Step 4 : Boost your Marketing

Handling on-the-floor business management is one thing, but marketing and advertising represent massive expenses to your business’s budget! That’s why PSXDigital takes CXM above and beyond the general standard.

Using our service means you will have top-notch SEO to blow your competition out of the water when it comes to ranking on Google searches. Your website’s security will be above approach, and you’ll enjoy the efficiency of an automated pricing system that will enable you to be hands-off when it comes to managing your inventory. We’ll help you to use your website to offer amazing, data-driven incentives, and generate relevant, valuable leads. Best of all, we’ll ensure that your Powersports website is fast and mobile-first adaptive! 


Here are even more examples of how PSXDigital can help grow your profits in the Powersports and motorsports industry!

Boat Retailers : Your customers are extremely responsive to video tours and high-quality, custom photographs of boat interiors! PSXDigital will help you organize your photo content and showcase your best pieces. You’ll also greatly benefit from our dedicated marketing strategist who will help boost your boat sales! 

Motorcycle Sales : Our CRM is Harley-Davidson certified! They trust us to provide the best software experience for motorcycle retailers with features like: Motorcycle Inventory Grading, Inventory syndication (Craigslist, Ebay Motors, CycleTrader, Chopper Exchange and Facebook Marketplace), Motorcycle Trade Appraisal tools, and more!

ATV and SxS vehicles : Our reputation monitoring feature and our buyer-generated SEO content will help your business stand out! Cut back on your marketing expenses by taking full advantage of our multi-channel social media marketing feature! 

Snowmobiles and winter sports : Our integrated SMS mobile customer outreach feature, interaction tracking, and smartboard dealership tracking are sure to boost your seasonal sales in the snowmobile niche! Be competitive this season, and get ahead of the game by reaching out to potential customers first!


Boats, jet skis, motorcycles, snowmobiles, ATVs, side-by-sides - does it matter? Whatever Powersports or motorsports business you’re operating, a powerful all-inclusive software will organize your products, automate your processes, and make you more relevant and competitive. Not only that, but software like this is sure to make a massive difference in the profits you’ll see - especially when your sales rely heavily on seasonal sports.

We all know that the future of the Powersports industry is business software inclusion, so it’s better to get ahead of the game if you’re looking to stand out against your competition.