Watch A Killer Whale Rip The Rudder Off A Sailboat For The Glory Of All Marine Mammals

Long live the great orca uprising! Dismemberment to the pleasure crafts!

The latest update to the feel-good story of the year is an actual video of an orca making quick work of the rudder on a very fancy sailboat off the coast of Spain this past April. It’s the latest in a spate of orca attacks that have occurred over the last three years, but particularly in the last month.

The boat in question is an intensely fancy Bali 4.8 catamaran-style sailboat run by the charter management company Catamaran Guru. Boasting six bedrooms and six bathrooms, the boat is nicer than most people’s homes. But orcas don’t care about your supersized interior or onboard ice maker—orcas care about their home, and other orcas.

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