Watch a Rivian R1T Go Swimming During a Wild Boat Launch and Retrieval


The boat launch process entwines skill, teamwork, patience, and strategy akin to a Navy SEAL operation. And while a successful launch or retrieval deserves accolades from bystanders, an unsuccessful try warrants shame—and if your screw-up is filmed, that shame sinks deeper than your (likely) water-logged tow vehicle. Hence, boat launching/snatching qualifies as a spectators' sport enjoyed by both the talented and untalented, and the internet is ripe with soul-crushing boat launch fails. If you've seen one—which, truthfully, some empathetic souls can't stand to watch—you've seen 'em all, as most end with the car in the drink or a very scraped-up boat or both. So, of course, we're begging you to look at just one more of these clips, but not for the reason you might expect.

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