How to Streamline Your Powersports Inventory Management


There are a lot of different ways that you can streamline things around your dealership but taking control of your inventory is one area that needs some attention. Of course, everyone will tell you that you should streamline and automate inventory management, and they’ll tell you all the reasons why and the perks that come with it.

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How Digital Trade-In Tools Improve Your Trade Appraisals

Digital Trade Tools

Although they aren’t all created equally, there are many digital tools available to help consumers value their trade before they get to the dealership. Today’s Internet brings people one of the most valuable options—the trade calculator. These little tools can be customized for any number of variables and factors to help consumers learn just what they can get for their Powersports toys.

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Inventory Management Makes for Better Trades

Inventory Trade Management

The Powersports industry has always been a specialty industry. Historically, it was much more specialized, and it was smaller than it is today. The market is growing, and the industry is evolving, but the trade-in process is still one that’s smaller and less understood.

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Do You Need a Specialized Powersports Trade Team?

Inventory Trades

Trade appraisals are an important part of the cycle and if they’re done incorrectly, they could cost you a significant amount of money. When you do them well, you could increase your profits significantly. Of course, there’s always been a great debate about whether dealerships need a team dedicated to trades, or if they can let anyone handle them just to make the process easier for the customer.

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Understanding the Powersports Trade Process

Powersports Trade Process

In Powersports, trades work a little differently. There are more criteria to consider and quite frankly, some trades don’t even make it back to the dealership. Powersports units are notoriously used, which means that they are used and abused and thoroughly enjoyed, leaving little left to bring in on trade.

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The Benefits of Automated Inventory Management Solutions

Inventory Solution

AI is taking charge in the business world. There is no shortage of potential solutions out there for Powersports dealers who are looking to step up their technology stack and reap the rewards. Automated inventory management platforms are available in several forms and the best ones can be fully customized to suit the exact needs of your dealership.

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Using Inventory Management to Leverage Better Deals

Automated inventory

Whether buying, selling, or trading, you always want to make sure that you’re making the best deals. Of course, that means knowing what you have and what your dealership is selling best. It does no good to attempt to make deals if you aren’t even sure what’s going to be a “deal” for you in the end, after all.

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