Google Says: Utilize Mobile as a Power Tool in Idle Moments

Mobile Power ToolAn article published by Think with Google recently described just HOW mobile became a power tool by use in more moments than we initially may have guessed. This is where Ai Powered Mobile Websites come in play as a sales tool.

You see...

People are empowered by mobile every single day. In fact, it’s become a productivity-boosting tool, writes Google’s head of ads research and insights, Sara Kleinberg.

Remember all those times you've been made to sit in a waiting room: in a doctor's office, getting your oil changed, at the dreaded DMV. Now, remember a time when there wasn't anything else to do in that room except...wait. Or read the Golfers Digest laying out from last year. But for the most part, waiting rooms have been one of the most mind-numbing places on Earth.

Todays Experience:

But today's experience is typically quite different. While you'll still inevitably find yourself stuck in a waiting room, you'll notice that everyone else in the same boat as you now occupied with their smartphone.

And not just to play the latest viral game craze...

The smartphone has become indispensable in getting things done. In our latest research, we found that 75% of people say their smartphones help them to be more productive.

They also found that a whopping 54% percent of people say their phones reduce stress and/or anxiety in their lives; providing immediate gratification and therefore creating an emotional response as well. But it’s more than that. Productivity has an emotional impact as well. Push your sales team to utilize the Ai Powered Mobile Websites to sell more.

And as Google points out, "those are good emotions for brands to be associated with."

What does this have to do with Powersports technology?

A lot...and a whole bunch more!

Savvy dealers are already aware of how mobile is assisting consumers in their everyday buying journey; helping to assist everyday people in their everyday micro-moment. In a nutshell, every person is empowered by mobile every day.

"Mobile quickly delivers results when they’re impatient, provides inspiration at their fingertips when they’re curious, and gives them a personalized experience when they’re demanding one."

Yet we still see dealerships who are hesitant to allow their salespeople to use their smartphone on the sales floor. There are many advantages to using the Ai Powered Mobile Websites.

But as you may already imagine, this is yesterday's way of thinking! The PSXDigital CXMAi Platform is designed with the modern dealer and mobile consumer in mind - including assistance by artificial intelligence and accessible via a streamlined Ai Powered Mobile Website application - delivering a sales and marketing process that works smarter, not harder.

Brett Paul, GSM at Southern Devil Harley-Davidson has this to say in a recent case study interview:

"The communication features in the platform is perfect. At first we were worried about the customer being put off by the salesperson using their cell phone, but we train our salespeople to involve the customer in the interaction so that it’s actually perceived as a pretty impressive tool!"

To better understand smartphone usage, Google researchers took a closer look into the times when we turn to our phones to identify five 'states of mind'. As you read each that follows, think about how you can use this information to your dealearship's mobile sales advantage:


Have you ever had something just (seemingly randomly) pop into your head?

"One consumer told us her boots, which were a couple of years old, had been wearing out. “I thought, ‘I wonder if I can still find those.’ …  So I just did a search on my phone.”


Brick-and-mortar retailers (ahem...Powersports dealerships) might bristle about shoppers using their phones to look for better prices while they’re in the store. But shoppers are doing a lot more than showrooming. They’re using their phones to look for incentives, read reviews, and search for guidance.

“If I'm standing in an aisle at Home Depot, and I have no idea what type of drywall screw I'm looking for, I can Google it real fast,” one person told us."


As illustrated in our waiting room scenario, why not check a few things off your to-do list while you're sitting there?

“I go through this whole [list] of things that I might need to do during that … 45 minutes of my train ride,” one person told us (Google), using shirts as an example. “I knew I wanted to buy the shirts. I had my phone right then, right there, so I could do it.”


People use search engines to plan things right on their phones, from their next weekend riding excursion to a trip to the local mall sales event; going beyond booking rooms and renting cars, they’re mapping out routes through the backroads and checking out restaurant menus along the way.

Mobile Confidence

Google stats on mobile confidence

"Because mobile is a uniquely positioned productivity tool, it’s important to consider how your brand is creating mobile experiences that cater to people's desire for efficiency. A seamless mobile experience goes a long way in tapping into that desire and building a stronger relationship. We found that 79% say they’re more likely to revisit and/or share a mobile site if it is easy to use.

Google reminds us that mobile is not a  one-size-fits-all media channel.

It's just one (major) way a consumer (prefers to engage with and) interacts with your brand. So when planning your digital marketing, consider the times of day and frame of mind when they turn to their phones for assistance. Then let PSXDigital (and ALMA) help!


Source: How mobile became a power tool in idle moments