Google Hits a Record High in Zero-Click Searches

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Google Mobile Search

A recent study finds that less than half of Google searches end with a click through to any results.

According to an analysis by Rand Fishkin, founder of SparkToro, of research provided by clickstream data company, Jumpshot, zero-click searches have been on a steady rise for years; from 43.90% in 2016 to 49.76% as of June 2019.


Keep in mind that an additional 5.98% are clicks that are being directed to Google’s own properties such as YouTube, Maps, Android, Google’s blog and more. 

While not hugely substantial at first glance, with browser-based clicks from organic search shrinking and paid clickthrough rates on the rise, Fishkin points out that, “the devil’s in the details”. More specifically, in the details regarding mobile, where more than half of all searches take place. 

Rand notes, “Organic has fallen by almost 20%, while paid has nearly tripled and zero-click searches are up significantly. Even way back in January 2016, more than half of mobile searches ended without a click. Today’s, it’s almost 2/3rds.”


Zero-click searches don’t translate to zero opportunity. Brand awareness and increased exposure is still happening. And given that this study takes into account trillions of searches, including voice-activated’s happening in big numbers. 

Here are four recommendations directly from Rand Fishkin: 

  • Find (creative) ways to get value from zero-click searches
  • Seek out keywords whose results have higher CTR opportunity
  • Get your content optimized on Google’s own properties
  • Hope that the recently opened investigations into Google’s anti-competitive behavior yield results (that affect positive change)


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