What’s an Automated Lead Marketing Assistant?

Automated Lead Marketing Assistant

What is it?

An automated lead marketing assistant that is fueled by artificial intelligence (AI) is going to be your Powersports dealership’s new best friend and best marketing asset. This assistant will be able to help you engage leads and can even intelligently interpret customer inquiries and replies to help direct them to the right place. There are so many new features available for chatbots and virtual assistants, and lead generation will never be the same thanks to these upgrades.

How it works

Automated Lead Marketing Assistant

Like any chatbot or virtual assistant, a lead generation AI interface will respond to all inquiries immediately, helping connect your customers and potential customers to the answers they seek or the people that they need. However, it can also go one step further to interpret customer responses and assist by connecting them with a live salesperson via email, chat, or phone call to create the two-way conversation that has been requested.


This system will ensure that customer information is entered fully and accurately, and the automation will allow you to generate more appointments and secure better sales opportunities by having follow-up solutions built right in. This ensures customers get the communication that they desire and that their sales journey is guided in the best direction.


Not only will a lead generation AI connect to customers and intuitively help them, but these systems are smart enough to learn behaviors with ongoing use. And this means your automated lead marketing assistant tool can get smarter the more that you use it. The system can learn how to respond to different types of leads, figure out which leads you to wish to be notified of, and even assist with lead scoring and creating personalized, engaging communications to increase conversion rates.


These AI (automated lead marketing assistant) tools are smart enough to know that they always have more to learn. That is something of which your dealership can take advantage. Not only will you be able to get moving on automated lead marketing now, but you'll know that it will continue to get better in the future and offer even more potential for your Powersports dealership.


With automated lead marketing assistant tools like this available, you don’t need to waste the resources of your sales staff on generating leads. This means they can spend more time on the sales floor or closing virtual deals, and that guarantees that your bottom lines in more ways than one.