Bewitching British Vintage Camper Van Might Cast a Spell on You

It’s a Commer, of course, and it’s probably not coming to a KOA near you.

Sugar and spice and everything nice. That's what little [vintage camper vans] are made of. Okay, so the original 19th century nursery rhyme says little girls, not little vintage camper vans, but the latter do cast a magical spell that'll have onlookers smitten instantaneously. They'll make you fall in love with wood, vinyl, and fabric curtains. Yuck. They'll make you consider ridiculously underpowered engines and manual transmissions that your parents couldn't wait to ditch. Blah. They'll make you idiotically blurt "take my money" even though there's literally no money to your name for anyone to take. Embarrassing! Yes, vintage camper vans might make you feel and do strange things. Just accept it and read on.

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