Competitive Advantage

Listen to Larry Bruce explain the Competitive Advantage needed to succeed in todays market!

Danny:  What can a salesperson do?  What does a salesperson need to change about their day in day out activities to take competitive advantage of that, if you will?  If it’s that way for them, it’s that way for everyone.  So how can a salesperson stand out above everybody that he’s working with and any of the people at other locations? 

Larry: Well, in any industry, whether you’re Powersports or Automotive it doesn’t matter.  We’re still saying that the guy that gets to the customer first and is helpful is the guy that gets the sale, almost every time.  So just be responsive, be quick to the customer, answer the questions, be helpful.  Because most of the other guys won’t do that. That is the basic level. 


Danny: If people aren’t communicating the way they did.. you know me, I used to teach people 20 years ago; don’t worry about the home address or the home phone number, that’s for the FNI guy to get, you need to get their email address and their mobile phone 

Larry: Oh yeah. 

Danny:  But that’s even changed more now.  The Avenues the people communicate with are different now than they even were 5 years ago. 

Larry:  For sure, to make marketing automation or even sales automation work, there are two pieces of critical information that you have to have.  And that’s the email address and the mobile number.  Mobile has arrived on us finally.  It has been 10 years and everybody’s been telling us “mobile’s coming, mobile’s coming”.  Well it come, it’s here.  It’s actually come and kind of started.  The train has not left the station but it’s certainly moving. This is where you need to have that competitive advantage! 

Danny: Sure 


Larry:  You’re not seeing really anybody coming to your store that doesn’t have a mobile phone; and a smartphone at that.  And what’s funny is that the other day I ran into a gal, that we actually hired, and she is the first person I’ve ever met that has never had or seen a rotary phone, as an adult.  She never even had a home phone.  Never in her life.  That smartphone was the first phone she ever got and it’s the only thing she’s ever had. 


Danny:  You’re right.  Kids today. My daughter has never known anything but a mobile phone, and she’s 18 now.  She’s a buyer.  She’s out there. 

Larry: Sure.  Absolutely.  And now with the proliferation of the smartphone, and the proliferation of mobile in general, you’re going to start to see a lot more move towards Sales Automation and a lot more move towards Marketing Automation because you just can’t keep up as a salesperson.  There’s no way to keep up with the deluge of information, if you really tried to follow up on every single customer, and every single lead; the way we were all taught.  There’s no way you could do it.  You couldn’t do it. Having that competitive advantage can help you in sales through and through.

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