Could GM’s Electric Tow Dolly Help Smaller Vehicles Drag Bigger Loads?

Putting a powered dolly between the tow vehicle and the trailer could provide a lot of benefits.

Some of us tow all the time—contractors, landscapers, vehicle transporters. For those folks, get a vehicle with the equipment to handle moving (and stopping) all that mass … pretty simple. For folks who only tow occasionally, the decision-making process gets a lot more complex. Maybe you're towing a camper, say, four or five times a year? But you've got to size and equip the vehicle properly to do that, even though it's not hauling a load the rest of the time. That means lots of underutilized miles, driving a heavier and less efficient vehicle than you need—or buying a separate commuter, but then one or the other is parked the majority of the time, too—inefficient in another way.

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