The Power of Customer Data Collection: Your Retention Solution is Right In Front of You

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Best Solutions!

Everyone talks about wanting to find the best solutions for customer retention, but they often overlook some of the most obvious answers. How many times have you sat down with a customer only to look over a form and decide to save everyone’s time, you could skip a lot of the demographic information? Sure, it might not be pertinent or critical, but it could come in handy down the line. If you’re not collecting it now, you may never have another chance.

THINK TWICEcustomer data

Next time you’re creating forms or having customers fill them out, think twice when you consider letting them skip something. Imagine just what you could do with that information. Even something like a birthday allows you to give out a special offer, send a birthday card as a reminder of your appreciation, or find a way to market to the customer in a way you might not otherwise.


The limits of customer retention are nearly endless when you use your database properly. You'll see an instant improvement in retention rates and find all kinds of other benefits. Plus, even if you’re not directly reaching out to customers, the data can help you in other ways.

First of all, you can use the data to find out where you can improve the process and the transaction from the customer perspective. The data will tell you all about what people like and dislike about the experience, and you’ll be able to put that insight to use to make changes as needed. This is going to give customers a better experience overall, which is its own retention solution in and of itself.


So many dealerships go further than they need to when they’re trying to brainstorm customer retention ideas. They make it overcomplicated and try to do a lot more than they need to. You don’t need constant sales and special events. You don’t need over-the-top marketing efforts. You just need to pay attention to the details—and that means collecting customer data in the first place.

Next time you’re looking for a way to boost those customer retention rates, look to your database. A little bit of research can go a long way in identifying new ways to reach out to your existing audience. Implement a good database and start doing your research to see just what retention solutions you can find. Your customer data is your dealerships lifeline!