Use Desking to Save Time and Satisfy Customers

Customer Satisfaction

Integrating the Right Tools!

In the dealership, it’s proving to be increasingly difficult to keep up with customer satisfaction. Whether it’s a matter of how much time they spend there or the fact that they have to interact with three different people for a single transaction, people are looking for better solutions. If you integrate the right technology tools, you can provide those solutions and so much more.


Desking platforms are specifically designed to help streamline operations. This isn’t just good for your sales staff—it's also a great benefit for the customer. Everyone knows the dealership dance, and everyone is always looking for the fastest way in and out of the dealership. While a lot of aspects of Powersports shopping have been sped up by technology, the desking of the deal is one area that’s been difficult to figure out. Fortunately, however, it’s been done and it’s been done quite well.

  • Desking tools allow you to share information throughout the entire dealership, which means no more shuffling paperwork back and forth or trying to keep up. Anyone in any department can just pull up the screen, find the information, and move on with the deal.
  • This platform is designed to integrate financing and all aspects of the transaction, meaning customers only need to stop in one office and deal with one stack of paperwork, rather than having to go from desk to desk to purchase their Powersports units.
  • Your desking software can integrate with your customer database, inventory management software, and other tools to give you a comprehensive, streamlined dealership from beginning to end, giving you a more professional and efficient reputation overall.
  • Desking tools allow you to complete multiple transactions at once, which in the world of Powersports is a common need. When you’re able to do everything in the same place, you will spend less time closing deals and more time sending satisfied customers on to enjoy their new toys.

The first thing that you need to do is to find the desking platform that suits your needs. A dynamic, customizable desking solution can change the way that you do business, so take care to choose a solid platform from the start. If you’ve already got your tech stack started, it helps to see what other tools and solutions are available from the same platform, because it’s a lot easier to integrate when everything comes from the same place. Keeping customer satisfaction on point helps create a strong relationship.


These are just a few of the ways that desking is going to help you save time and improve customer satisfaction. Think of it from a big picture perspective—if your operations are more efficient and streamlined, people are going to talk about how well everything was handled. When people talk, they not only generate new business, but they remember that you’re the one to come back to when they have future needs or wants.