CXMAi Overcomes Dealership Desking Challenges in Powersports

Blog - Desking Challenges

Rob Palomarez, Sales Manager at Edge Performance Sports in Ontario, OR talks about the unique challenges of Desking in Powersports, and how PSXDigital's CXMAi Desking tool helps smooth the process between sales, finance, and customer experience.

With experience in automotive to now leading the sales team of the #1 Polaris Dealership in the Northeast, Edge Performance Sports in Ontario, Oregon - Rob describes the similarities and the differences in desking deals in Powersports, what challenges present, and how he's overcome those challenges in his store:


The similarities between the auto industry and Powersports when it comes to what is required to successfully desk deals is obviously just having the information available. It's extremely important. Being able to modify each purchase the way that a consumer would need it to be done in order to close the deal - that's crucial, especially in Powersports. 


There are several different factors that come into play in terms of the tools needed to effectively desk a deal, but where PSXDigital and the Desking tool within their platform sets itself apart from any other industry out there is:

  • Multiple deal Functionality,
  • Ease of use
  • Time efficiency. 

The ability to use it for multiple purchases at the exact same time is huge. In the auto industry, you don't generally have people buying multiple units at the exact same time. Fortunately for us, we have a great customer base; it's common for a consumer to say, "Well yeah, I'm going to take a four-wheeler, but I also want to side-by-side and by the way, I need you to figure out what it would be with a trailer and what am I payment's going to look like?" So the ability to do all that in a very short timeframe really allows us to be industry-leading.

Also, the accuracy of the information and the fact that it imports everything from my other systems makes it a really simple system to use.

It all comes down to reducing that time that a consumer is sitting alone at a desk, twiddling their thumbs or being distracted or having second thoughts.

The bottom line is that all those things aside and put together, it really does allow my team to go out there and put their best foot forward and make somebody feel comfortable.

People should have fun when they're out there buying toys! So I would say that these things are probably the biggest difference between desking deals in automotive and Powersports desking.