Digital Communication

Join in to listen to Larry explain in detail "Digital Communication" and what pushes the sale!

Danny James: It seems like there are similarities to retail automotive when it comes to a salesperson's management of customer contact information. I would think that in both industries the salesperson that waits around for the door to sway and the phone to ring is going to be in last place.

It sounds like there are opportunities to be proactive and more aggressive when contacting potential buyers. That they are expecting digital communication. Is that true?


Larry Bruce: Absolutely. We see open rates in the 60-70% range. We see clickthrough rates in the 30 to 40% range.  People want to hear from their Powersports store.  They want updates on events and specials - they want to know all the latest and greatest stuff! They invite communication from the dealership as long as it is relevant.

But just like in any other business, if everything is pushing a sale and there is never an effort to help or add value, then those open and clickthrough rates will drop off. Don't force something down the throats of consumers with every digital communication.


As long as the dealership continues to help - as long as they continue to be relevant - as long as they continue to respond to what customers want and deliver on that - then you can maintain those benchmark clickthrough and open rates. It's really the marketing automation and automated sales and follow-up pieces that a dealership must have in order to stay relevant with the consumer.

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