Irrefutable Importance of the Mobile Phone

The customer is changing with the times and this is important why Digital Marketing Mobile Websites are important. Dealerships need to start focusing on how they can stay with times.

Danny James: Now you talked a lot about customers and the ways that we have historically gotten in touch with them and things like that. And you're right, everybody now has a mobile phone, but are we still utilizing the wrong channels to get a hold of our customers? Are sales people really taking advantage of the fact that their customers walking around with this communication tool within arms reach if not in their pocket. And is that not the way we need to make sure we're communicating with them from the very first step of the sales process.


Larry Bruce: Absolutely. I mean, if ... let me give you an example. If I give you my mobile phone or my home number that ends in 8269, it's because I don't want to talk to you. I don't have a phone connected to that number.

Danny James: Exactly.

Larry Bruce: So there's no phone in my home that's connected to a landline at this time. It's all mobile. And I would venture to say ... and I don't know what percentage of the country is that way these days. I don't know if anybody's ever done that study. It would be worthwhile to find out.

Danny James: Sure.

Larry Bruce: If somebody had. But I would suspect that there's an overwhelming majority of the country that doesn't have a landline anymore. Digital Marketing Mobile Websites is the next big thing!


Danny James: Well, there was an issue with connecting to alarms systems and that's gone by the wayside, but that was the issue that kept a lot of people having landlines. But you're right, it is something that's going away.

Larry Bruce: Yeah, so if you're not getting the mobile number when you talk to a customer, you're really missing the dominant way they communicate. So you've got to get that mobile number. But then when you do, you've got to be respectful of it because it's a very private thing. Right. It is. And so connecting with that customer at a time over mobile via voice, or connecting with that customer via SMS, it means you're really communicating right now. So communicate something of value and relevance. This is where Digital Marketing Mobile Websites are important. But at the end of the day if you want to get to a customer within five minutes of lead submission, you will have that mobile number.

Danny James: Absolutely.

Larry Bruce: Otherwise, you're gonna have a hard time doing that.

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