3 Database Marketing Strategies

Digital Marketing Strategy


Your Powersports dealership should already have a plan in place for database marketing as part of your larger digital marketing strategy. Your business isn’t just going to benefit from a solid customer database—it can actually fail without one at this point. You can’t develop a solid digital marketing strategy without a strong database anymore, because the ability to connect with the needs of your customers is what will take your dealership into the future. Not sure how to use this marketing tool? Here are a few helpful strategies to get you started.


In order to get the most out of your customer groups, you need to have a segmentation solution in place. This can allow you to separate people by buying habits, interests, demographics, and other details so that you can target the exact right audience for a campaign based on any and all criteria that you want. You can have as many segments as you want and market to one or all of the people within each group, creating dynamically targeted campaigns like nothing you’ve seen before.


This essential element is what drives customer relationship management and guarantees that you can connect with your audience. These campaigns focus on quality communication and customer service and are designed to create long-term relationships and help with the growth of your customer retention rates. This can save a small fortune on marketing, consider that it costs as much as 75% less to market to an existing customer than to generate a new lead.


When you have a strong customer database in place, it’s practically seamless to integrate referral programs and loyalty clubs. You can see exactly what people are buying and what their interests are, as well as how much potential reach they may have on social media or through word-of-mouth referrals. People love feeling valued and important and having these programs available guarantees that you will elicit that feeling every time.


There are literally dozens of different strategies that you can employ in your database / Digital marketing strategy efforts, but these are three that should definitely be on your list. Make sure that you have the latest and most relevant customer data and that you are utilizing the CRM database tools to the best of their ability for your marketing needs. If you spend this downtime revamping your marketing efforts, you’ll be able to hit the ground running when your dealership doors open again.