Iconic Meyers Manx Dune Buggy Gets Remastered With Body Upgrades

The Meyers Manx Remastered dune buggy kit has modern features like... a trunk that locks.

Depending on your age, if you hear the phrase "dune buggy," chances are there is one specific vehicle that comes to mind: the Meyers Manx. Back in the early 1960s, surfer, engineer, and boat builder Bruce Meyers realized that driving on sand dunes is fun—but also not very accessible. So, he put his skills to work and developed a kit car called the Manx in his Newport Beach garage. He constructed a fiberglass chassis that he designed himself, equipped it with a suspension from a Chevrolet truck, and a Volkswagen Beetle engine. After some refinement and tweaks, Meyers developed his Manx into a kit car that was cheap and relatively easy to build. The rest is history.

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