The Benefits of an Integrated Powersports Desking Platform

integrated desking platform

The importance!

Desking is a topic that’s becoming important in the world of Powersports for numerous reasons. Primarily, right now, the focus is on how desking can assist with things like customer retention and streamlining operations. Of course, in finding out the answers to these topics, you’re gaining insight into just a couple of the many benefits of a desking platform that’s integrated with the rest of your dealership’s software solutions.

IMPROVEMENTSintegrated desking platform

Integration is always going to be an improvement because it’s giving you the chance to streamline operations and reduce wasted time and tasks. Plus, it’s easier to manage everything from one central place than to have 10 different platforms or programs to monitor and track. If you’re still not entirely sold, here are some of the biggest benefits of integrating a desking solution for your Powersports dealership:

  • Multiple Unit Transactions: A flexible desking solution that’s designed for Powersports will take what auto desking has done and make it dynamic. Part of that comes in offering multi-unit transactions. Unlike vehicle purchases, a lot of Powersports transactions include multiple units or items. Offering the chance to handle everything at once will get people’s attention.
  • Convenient, Flexible Offers: When you integrate a solid desking tool, it will include the finance tools and resources that you need so that you can create custom financing or payment offers for customers with the input of just a few numbers. Plus, the back and forth is cut down significantly because you can simply change the information and instantly change the offer.
  • Repeat Business: Again, we come back to the topic of customer retention. When you have a solid integrated desking platform in place that makes the customer experience easy, people are going to keep coming back for more. Not only does this improve your customer retention, but it helps grow your word-of-mouth business because loyal customers are some of the best sources of advertising.

These are just a few of the biggest perks of using a strong integrated desking platform in your Powersports dealership. It's all about growing your business for the future and part of that includes embracing technology as much as possible. With desking platforms that integrate seamlessly, your dealership can be on its way to better customer retention and several other perks. Just remember to take the time to find a dynamic, customizable solution that suits your needs.