Customer Loyalty

Danny: Do you see a lot of motorsports customer loyalty to the individual sales person the way you did in automotive? And, do you see a level of loyalty to the individual store?

Larry: I think you see the same levels of loyalty to the individual salesperson that you do in a car dealership. I don't think there's anymore Loyalty to the salesperson in Powersports than there is an automotive these days, or at least that's not what I'm seeing.  I do see a little higher level of loyalty to the store.

Danny:  Ok


Larry:  For pragmatic reasons in that there’s not as many stores.

Danny: Sure

Larry: And also you're buying from that guy, you’re buying a toy again from that guy and you're looking to those people or that store for that expertise, in that situation.  So you see that kind of loyalty.  But even that, even with Automotive, you’re seeing that erode.

Danny: Ok

Larry:  And it's sad.  It's sad to see.  But the internet is eroding away that level of connection.  As it is in personal relationships and anything else.  So, it's good and bad; the technology, the internet.  It’s great; it’s helping us find more customers, it's helping us do everything.  But we are losing that personal touch.  And even in the Powersports realm, were starting to lose that personal touch too.  They hate it, and I hate it too, but it is what it is.

Motorsports Customer Loyalty is a long lasting effect on a dealership to ensure customer satisfaction. Customer will keep coming back over and over again to visit your powersports dealership.  The customer is changing with new technology that they have at their fingertips. Your dealerships needs to be fully equipped with the tools to keep up with your customers.