Innovative Desking Technology Helps Take Powersports Dealerships to the Next Level

Rob Palomarez, Sales Manager at Edge Performance Sports in Ontario, OR talks about the innovative features of PSXDigital's CXMAi Powersports Desking Technology tool, helping him improve the efficacy of the sales process and move more machines more efficiently and with better customer satisfaction.

The Sales Manager of a Powersports dealership wears many (many!) hats. One of those is facilitating deals between the sales team on the floor, finance and other departments. When asked what one thing helps him do his job on a daily basis, Rob pointed out at least two (but really three). 

How do the following align with the way YOUR store is operating?

Rob Palomarez knows a thing or two about successfully managing in the dealership setting. From his experience in automotive to now leading the sales team of the #1 Polaris Dealership in the Northeast, Edge Performance Sports in Ontario, Oregon - he's also leading one PSXDigitals' more progressive dealers. Here are a few things that help him do his job on a daily basis:


The quality of staff is key to any winning dealership. Here at Edge Performance Sports, we foster an excellent culture that attracts the kind of driven and quality people it takes to be successful in today's market.

I've got to give it up to those guys. They work hard, they take direction well, and they're always looking to improve.


Secondly, I would say it's definitely going to be quality of information and communication.

PSXDigital's platform has allowed us to communicate on just a whole new level. And not just in our sales department, but really company-wide. It affects every area and department of our dealership. It allows us to transfer data, necessary information, from the consumer to management and to the financial institution, reducing the amount of time it takes to purchase a unit and to increase the enjoyability for the customer. Having a Powersports Desking Technology tool helps with it as well.

I would also say that just having very innovative and industry leading Powersports Desking Technology helps me do my job more efficiently every day. The capabilities that we have with PSXDigital is similar to the software I had seen in the auto industry, but not nearly as robust or enhanced.

The CXMAi platform is something that has not only taken our store to a new level of efficiency and success, but Powersports as a whole. I feel like it's going to continue to change the industry. It is an amazing system to have.