Streamline the Powersports Sales Process with Better Deal Desking

Blog - Deal Desking

Blog - Deal Desking

The sales process doesn’t end with the sales team. Powersports Digital Desking Tools can attribute to success.

Sales may be the face of your Powersports dealership, but you know all too well that everyone has a role to play. And when everyone is on the same page, things run much more smoothly.

With an effective Powersports Digital Desking tool built specifically for Powersports. You’ll be able to guarantee that your processes are streamlined and that your entire team is on the same page. Giving straightforward, successful transactions that improve the way that you do business.

Here's how CXMAi's CRM Powersports Digital Desking tool plays into each of those roles...


The multi-faceted features of desking for Powersports make it easier than ever for the sales team. Get their hands on finance numbers, parts, and other pieces of the transactional information. Without having to run all over the dealership.

The information can be put into the central system, and the adjustable fields can be populated with customer details and needs. Including things like how much of a payment they want, what kind of interest they desire. Even if they have a down payment in mind. 

Plus, you’ll be able to tweak those numbers and show them how a few minor changes could impact the overall deal. This allows you to present the customer with financing solutions to fit their needs towards their Powersports purchase. With new solutions, you’re not waiting days or hours to hear back from various departments. Everything is fast, easy, and integrated into one system. 

Perhaps the biggest perk here is that sales are now able to be kept in the loop at all stages of the transaction. No longer are you going to walk in at the end of a deal and get asked about something the finance guy offered. Then have to scramble to figure it out! You'll all be on the same page, which is ultimately a win for the sales team. 


Of course, as mentioned, the sales team isn’t the only one that benefits from these new desking solutions. The back-and-forth between finance deals and the finance department can be time-consuming and take a lot of work with the wrong software solutions, or if you’re not using Powersports Digital Desking Tool at all.

With an integrated system, finance details can be worked and re-worked on every screen so that all parties can see the updated changes and get the most of the process. With just a few clicks, you can show customers multiple financing offers and give them a wide variety of ways to purchase their new toy. This kind of speed and convenience is what will set your dealership apart. 


Although the parts and service team may not be directly involved in the sales transaction, they do still play a role in the process. Having their department included in the new Powersports Digital Desking Tool solutions means that you can see what kind of accessory sales or service transactions have taken place, or which ones may be necessary for the customer even if the parts and service department are busy. 

Again, it all boils down to keeping everyone on the same page and giving the sales team the power to access and modify all of the transaction information. That way, they’re not waiting around for the finance or service department to confirm details or provide further details, because it’s already put into the Desking platform for everyone to see. 


Right now, customers expect to get things quickly and efficiently. Thanks to the instant nature of the Internet, people love instant gratification and have a hard time waiting for anything.

Ten years ago, customers probably wandered in off the street to look around and find something to buy. Today, however, the majority of customers have already done their homework by the time they arrive. They understand what they want, and they expect you to get it for them. 

They also expect you to do it while being just as transparent as the internet pricing calculators, breaking down every aspect of the sales transaction and what they are getting along the way. You should also be able to communicate effectively and share information between departments in a prompt fashion, thanks to new Desking tools.

The less time a customer spends sitting around waiting to close a deal, the more likely they are to come back in the future.


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