Start of the Sales Process

Curious about the Powersports Sales Process?  Listen to Larry explain how important the sales process is to a dealership!

Danny: I had a dealer here in town, an automotive dealer, say something that sounds like it would reign true from what you're saying with powersports in that: somebody can get online, they can look in two, three, four places, but when they finally do come through your door, you need to earn their business, because they've already done their shopping.  You're probably going to contend with some misinformation that they've gathered on their own, or thought they gathered on their own.  But I know that that's happened in retail automotive and it sounds like It could happen very easily in Powersports as well.


Larry:  Oh sure.  The reality is, I don’t think, from what we can see so far they are not visiting any more stores in Powersports.  Actually less.  If they are in your store they're there to buy.  There's no other reason to be there for them.

Danny:  Exactly

Larry:  So, when they walk in that door, it is absolutely critical that you know everybody on that floor, all the time.  And you know, this is nothing new.  I mean, we are not breaking any ground, this isn’t any ground breaking news, right?  But, there was a time when without technology, you know?  What did we used to do? Well, wed hire a gal, she’d come in... What did she do?  She’d write on the wall “guy in red cap talking to Danny”.


She’d put the date and time on it. You would have this big log, and you're looking at it going “well Danny you saw the guy in the red cap, there’s a guy here, guy here, what’s going on with these deals?”.  And of course, you’re going… Danny’s going “well yeah, I did see him but I didn't get any information out of him” really!  And it's too late, because they're already gone, right?   This is why a Powersports Sales Process needs to be put in place!

Danny: Sure

Larry:  And you're looking at this at the end of the day. Because of the cell phone, because of technology, things can, and should happen in real time now.  So realistically you should be seeing, you know, “Danny's up to customer right now”.  And within, you know, 10 minutes or so, if you don't have his name and number and the contact information, there's likely a good chance that you've already lost control of this this already.


Danny: Oh, sure!

Larry: Reminding the manager, “Hey Danny’s with a customer right now. He's been with them for 10 minutes.  He hasn't gotten contact information.  You might just want to swing by there”.

Danny: Exactly.

Larry:  That's something that’s gotta happen. That's gotta happen while they’re in the store.  Because if you're not doing that, you're missing the prime opportunity to desk the guy that’s on your floor, who is there to buy right now. Having a solid Powersports Sales Process can not just be a benefit to the dealership but for customers to keep coming back.


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