Does Your Reputation Matter to SEO? What Powersports Brands Need to Know

Does it really affect it...? OF COURSE, IT DOES!

There is a lot that affects your SEO ranking when you are optimizing your motorsports brand or Powersports dealership. Reputation is something that has become almost a part of the process, except that it’s an entirely separate effort all its own. The two do work together, however, to help brands create a better online presence for optimal search rankings and an overall brand reputation that both users and search engines can depend on.

Keywords Were King

The problem started long ago, back in the early days of search engine optimization, when keywords were king. Every business was stuffing every keyword into content, trying to outrank each other using the most dubious practices possible. It led the way for tons of spam and scams, and for a lot of bad businesses to be ranked among the “best” in search results. The search engines quickly realized that this was a bad plan and reacted accordingly.

Today, keywords are still important, but they’re not the focus of SEO. Instead, they’re more of an element of the entire process. However, SEO also includes things like managing your reputation, providing relevant and useful information, offering local resources if you have a local business, and making sure that your business is optimized to present itself as an authority within the motorsports industry.

Have the right strategy in place

That might sound like a lot of work, but, if you have the right strategy in place, it will all come together as it should. When it comes to your optimization efforts, your reputation is most affected by what happens outside of your website. This includes user reviews, business listings, social media, and other places where your business can be found online. If these things are not managed, your reputation could be at risk.

Opting to visit your website

More than 37% of users reported that a review was the reason that they opted to visit a website. People like information from other people. Make sure that your reviews are cultivating the right reputation for your brand because this is a big part of your overall success in optimization.

Google is no longer just letting people fight for the top spot based on how well they can use keywords. They’re looking for the best of the best and they only want businesses that actually have something of value to offer. Obviously, that makes your reputation a HUGE part of the equation when it comes to SEO and optimizing your online presence for search engines and users alike.