Stop Micro-Managing Your Salespeople; Help Them Do Their Best Work!

Blog - Stop Micromanaging Sales

Many managers at Powersports dealerships have the false belief that if they just keep on top of their salespeople and continuously monitor their activities, they will get better sales numbers.

Unfortunately, more monitoring does not equal better employee output.

In fact, it usually leads to the exact opposite -- dejected employees who resent their jobs.

So how do you get your salespeople to perform at their best? It may sound crazy, but you need to just trust them and let them do the thing they do best, which is interacting with the customers.

Shouts are probably going up now about, “What do I do if I’m not checking up on my sales team?”

Here’s exactly what you do. You don’t check up ON them. You check in WITH them. Keep reading to learn how...


Simple, repeatable processes are the key to success in any sales field. Get all the members of your sales team on the same page about the process used for administrative tasks like entering customer information.

You can do this easily with good sales automation software.

When these repeatable processes are in place, you don’t need to act like a babysitter and can instead rest assured that your team knows exactly what they’re supposed to do.


The great thing about sales automation apps is that they track everything. Add to that a mobile app, and you can track from anyWHERE! Any data you need about a particular customer interaction is at your fingertips.

So instead of hovering in “helicopter mode” over your salespeople, you can simply keep an eye on notifications on your phone.

When you see the right opportunity -- like when one of your salespeople has entered the online inventory in the app -- that’s a good time to head over to the salesperson and make an introduction to the customer they’re helping.

This makes the customer feel valued by you and the dealership and opens the ability for the salesperson to ask for any assistance they may need at this point. Otherwise, you can just exit the conversation naturally and allow the salesperson to continue their magic.

Do you see the difference in how you are checking in with the employee to offer your help rather than interrupting the natural customer interaction to figure out where they are at in the process? You already know where they’re at because the app tells you.

When you don’t have that knowledge, you may feel more inclined to start acting like a parent checking on whether a kid did their chores:

  • Did you show them the inventory?
  • Have you offered a test ride?

It’s demeaning and shows the customer that you don’t trust your salespeople.


And here’s the thing. Utilizing that technology doesn’t only ease your anxiety as a manager and make the customer feel confident in your dealership, it also makes life easier for your salespeople.

Put simply, intuitive technology takes away the tedious tasks your employees groan about and lets them spend more time building relationships with the customers.

Download our guide to hacking the modern sales process to find out more about how sales automation software makes sales easier.