How to Train Your Salespeople to Be Proactive on The Dealership Floor

Train Your Salespeople

Hey there, dealership leaders, ready to turn your sales team into a proactive powerhouse? Great! In the high-energy world of dealership sales, being proactive is the secret sauce. Train your salespeople to be proactive on the dealership floor to seriously improve their performance, customer satisfaction, and lower costly turnovers. A proactive sales team doesn’t just…

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How to Implement CRM and Improve Sales in Dealerships

Implementing CRM for improved customer service

Client satisfaction is currently at the center of most vehicle dealership operations. Referrals from happy clients are the best way to grow your dealership. Therefore, the game enhancer for most companies has been to implement CRM. Undeniably, CRM systems have not only helped vehicle dealerships deliver client-centered services but also improve sales. This article will…

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