We Drive Honda’s Electric Racing Go-Kart: Build the Damn Thing!

The eGX kart concept is super fun, fast, easy to run, and makes a lot of sense.

If you enjoy indoor kart racing, no matter how seriously or not you approach it, you've likely encountered a frustration or three while participating in the action at your local track. From poor racing etiquette from drivers who know less than zero about the code of conduct to sometimes-wild variances in performance between karts—"Oh yeah, someone flipped No. 7 last week, it's not quite right anymore, sorry we didn't tell you beforehand"—a trip to the indoor racing venue isn't guaranteed to be a stress-free experience. What's more, the growing number of facilities across the U.S. using electric-powered karts has introduced another potentially irritating factor or two: waiting for the machines to recharge and sometimes wonky driving dynamics.

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