Accountability & ALMA – How this technology can help you capitalize on effeciency & effectiveness.

PSXDigital and ALMA


The ever facing challenge with many dealerships is follow-up!

ALMA benefits and accountability is covered in this topic to help you achieve your goals.

Many factors fall in place with:

  • Lack of time

  • I will get to it when I canReasons Your Team Will Get Psyched About New Sales Strategies

  • Being tied to a desk

  • etc

So many things or we should say "Excuses" to prevent from using the tool at hand.  Listen to Edge Performance Sports & their sales team on the benefits of "ALMA - Automated Lead Management Assistant". ALMA benefits and accountability are a huge key player in an everyday business success.

ALMA ensures prime buyers don't slip through the crack. It sends communication to your leads through out various channels that are relevant to the stage of each consumer's lifecycle.

  • Proactively ensures customer follow-up without manual intervention
  • Virtually eliminates manual entry into the CRM
  • Instantly connects shoppers in a 2-way conversation

Having ALMA available to your powersports dealership is like a personal assistant not just to management but sales as well.  With ALMA being a reminder of what is needed to be done while taking care of the standard automatic follow-ups.  This prevents the salesperson from spending too much time at their desk. They now can focus on the most important thing, Customers!

The efficiency that is consistent with all sales activities, the effectiveness to the sales is a contributor to customer experience.  A customer with the utmost positive experience while obtaining a strong relationship with the dealership can be a customer for life.

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