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Powersports Trade Process

Understanding the Powersports Trade Process

In Powersports, trades work a little differently. There are more criteria to consider and quite frankly, some trades don’t even make it back to the dealership. Powersports units are notoriously used, which means that they are used and abused and thoroughly enjoyed, leaving little left to bring in on trade.

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Inventory Solution

The Benefits of Automated Inventory Management Solutions

AI is taking charge in the business world. There is no shortage of potential solutions out there for Powersports dealers who are looking to step up their technology stack and reap the rewards. Automated inventory management platforms are available in several forms and the best ones can be fully customized to suit the exact needs of your dealership.

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Automated inventory

Using Inventory Management to Leverage Better Deals

Whether buying, selling, or trading, you always want to make sure that you’re making the best deals. Of course, that means knowing what you have and what your dealership is selling best. It does no good to attempt to make deals if you aren’t even sure what’s going to be a “deal” for you in the end, after all.

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powersports inventory management

The Importance of Inventory Management in Your Powersports Dealership

Inventory management is our next topic, and it’s one that every dealership needs to have a handle on—both literally and figuratively speaking. Sure, you need to know what units you have on hand and what’s coming in and going out. But there’s also a lot more to it than that.

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powersports inventory management

5 Benefits of Automated Lead Marketing for Powersports Dealers

This unique technology platform allows dealers not only to track and manage customer data but to mine leads and cultivate customers 24 hours a day with the assistance of an automated assistant. Keep reading to find out a few benefits of this solution and why you need to incorporate it if you haven’t already.

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drip campaigns

Database Equity Mining: Drip Campaigns for Your Powersports Dealership

Once you’ve gone through and effectively cleaned your database, it will be time for you to reach out to the best leads and make the most of the insights that you’ve gathered. With the help of drip campaigns, you’ll be able to keep in touch with people and remind them of who they can turn to when they need Powersports sales or service.

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personalized marketing

Stop Talking AT Customers and Start a Conversation with Personalized Marketing Messages and More

Despite what many people believe, automated intelligence can do a lot more than just send form responses and point people toward other useful resources. Automated marketing and lead generation is beneficial to Powersports dealerships in many ways. Learn more here on why it’s so important!

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powersports data management

The Value of Cleaning Your Database: Missing Potential and More

As a Powersports dealer in the 21st century, your database is your most powerful weapon. There is so much potential here, but you have to know how to use it to its best capacity. When you effectively clean your entire database, whether it is CASS, NCOA, DeDUPE, or any other platform, you will be able to have a better glimpse of where things stand.

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powersports data entry

Data Entry is for Desk Jockeys: Get Your Sales Team Back on the Floor with Marketing Automation

A lead marketing assistant that is fueled by artificial intelligence (AI) is going to be your Powersports dealership’s new best friend and best marketing asset. Like any chatbot or virtual assistant, a lead generation AI interface will respond to all inquiries immediately, helping connect your customers and potential customers to the answers they seek or the people that they need.

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smart automated marketing engine

Meet SAMe: The New Automated Smart Marketing Engine from PSXDigital

giving you the chance to have the cleanest, most on-point database so that you can start fresh with in-house lead generation from your existing customer base. Once you’ve got everything cleaned up, SAMe will also be able to help create effective drip campaigns or targeted remarketing campaigns that are based on whatever criteria you have in mind.

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